About Nowocor Ltd

Imagine an oven with no doors!
Imagine an oven that doesn't spill heat into the plant when product is removed.

Who We Are

NOWOCOR, a North American company, makes it possible to affordably and reliably operate as continuous, those thermal processes normally consigned to batch operations.

What We Do

From paint curing and food process through biomass conversion, this methodology provides a fully controllable process environment at temperatures to 1000°F, while eliminating the fugitive migration of heat, odor and particulate.

How We Do It

The cornerstone of this technology is the ITM™ Air Seal, developed, patented and perfected over 30 years of successful applications at major industries throughout North America.


• Food processing ovens  • Paint drying / curing ovens  • Metallurgical – heat treat ovens  • Flameless biomass conversion ovens  • Flameless waste (including MSW) to energy conversion  • Retrofits and New Systems 


• Applications Scope Development  • Prototyping & Modeling  • Front End & Detail Engineering  • System Integration  • Fabrication, Installation & Commissioning  • Project Management  • Predictive Maintenance Programs  • Remote Monitoring Systems 

Contact Us

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